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Noun: A derogatory name given to people who cant win a duel in a well known PC game called Diablo 2 Lord of Destruction without the help of his/her friends and many of them. These people are easily killed one on one.
Anthony: "Man don't go in that game Carl"

Carl: "Why?"

Anthony: "There are a bunch of TOFOs there. They wouldn't stop teaming up on me so I could get a fair fight."

Carl: "Damn TOFOs always ruining a perfect game"

Anthony: "I was whooping their asses until they called for their buddies to help them."
by Amazeme1 August 08, 2011
one who fucks someone with penis in between their partners toes.
cindy's toes have wide spaces, great for tofos
by damien medeth September 09, 2003

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