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Ton Of Fun - Refers to a Big Fat Girl. If there are's Two Tons Of Fun.
You tell your friends that you went out with a TOF.... TONS OF FUN...Then that in turn leads to the Fat jokes... haha
by Cali Grown August 28, 2006
Totally Owned Fag. Bottom line.
Unsuspecting newbie: Boston College has barely played anyone all year and should not be anywhere near the Top 5, let alone the Top 2. Also, Matt Ryan is not a Heisman-worthy QB just for having one nice comeback against an overrated defense.

BCAlum: TOF.
by FVSports. January 08, 2008
Temple of Flaps; slang for a vagina
last night i stuck my dick in her TOF
by Zosh Walnutian March 26, 2007
Tons Of Fun
a person, event or thing that is, literally, tons of fun.
i like hangin' out with my buddy chris. he's TOF!
by the real mowgli June 13, 2006
abbreviation of Tides of Fire

An alliance that completely sucks ass in a game often called PA.
If addmitting to be a member of this alliance u are frequently call a n00b and various other abusive names.
guy1. Im in ToF aint i great.

guy2. OMGWTFROFLMAO you n00b, u are such a lam3r, you blow goats ToF suck ass!
by Lord Brem April 24, 2005
ToF, short form for the term 'Twist of Fate', is a screename used only by the best of the best. The one of whom uses this name must have pure 100% ownage running through their veins.

It's also a cool wrestling move used by Matt and Jeff Hardy.

ToF, j00 pwn

by <_< ToF April 12, 2005
Terms Of Friendship, this is when a friend makes aware to his/her straight friends that he/she is gaythe straight friend is cool as long as the gay friend does not go into detail about cirtain aspects of the alternative life style.
(taken from AOL's TOS agreements)
Steve: "that guy is hot"
Kyle: "you violating the TOF agreement"
by PharaohPhoenix June 26, 2004

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