Typical Nigger Move: Any exploit epitomizing a frequent action as committed by the African American race, especially of the low class type.
-Did you see what Kanye did to Taylor Swift last night?

-Yeah. TNM

-Hey captain, got any pennies you can spare?
-Yeah, here you go.
-Thank you sir. Got any more?
by Delicious Nick September 21, 2009
short for "these ni66as man...." when someone does something unusual, a lot like smh.
"He's an hour late whats he doing?"
"He told me he had to get a haircut before y'all go..."
by pseudonympersonyayyaya October 04, 2011
Total N00b Move. An action that represents or mimics those of a n00b.
I watched Corey play Blackops yesterday. This man was using RC-XD's, n00b tubers, and Attack Helicopters. TNM
by Fugeyfuge November 17, 2011
Total Ninja Move: Anything of awesomeness equal to ninja status, moving like a ninja.
-Did you see him run up that wall??
-Yeah man, TNM
by probass April 14, 2011
A shortcut to say 'The Nugget Machine', a popular series on Newgrounds, was originally a spam series then it evolved into a semi-quality series.
Hey bro, do you like the series TNM?
by Liquidsapphire June 16, 2008
A hood that is raw and fights to get respect
A. Where you live?
A.Word, I heard they was hot
B.We is..we Fight to get ours
by TA`AiSA September 04, 2006

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