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Acronym for Totally Non Gay Way. This is then often shortened to TNGW, often used at the end of a sentence; it can however be used on its own at the right moment.

Used as an affirmation that something is not meant in a homosexual manner; also used in ridiculous humour. Often accompanied by a slight head shake and a hand movement where the hands are chopped apart in front of you, palms down, to add reinforcement to the fact that it is a TNGW moment.
"I love you man - in a totally non gay way"

"I love you man - tngw."

"I fancy that girl in a totally non gay way."

"I fucked you up the arse last night in a totally non gay way."

When presented with a situation that is appropriate: "TNGW" (usually with hand motion)

And so forth.
by Chris Bramley March 22, 2008
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