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too much running around: also known as "red tape" in the commercial/economic sector, this refers to the nuisance and waste of time which one encounters while pursuing certain interests (objects and/or persons). While it can be a fun "cat and dog" chase, it can really get to most people, especially those who want things ASAP. It's either their way or no way at all.
Adam: I met up with this chic yesterday... we seemed to hit it off and all but when I tried calling to catch up later, it was TMRA... so eventually I got fed up.

Steve: She's def the TMRA type... sure no-go!

Adam: She called me a while ago but I missed it... and when tried calling her back, I got the same thing. Should I at least text back or...?

Steve: Don't even bother, dude!


These over-the-top transactions are just so unnecessary! Really TMRA for me!
by shivey89 May 30, 2010