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That Made Me Laugh Out Loud
nutmeg2900: i want to make some new acronyms for this from now on:

PMP= Peed My Pants
SMS= Shat MySelf

nutmeg2900: tmmlol!
by nutmeg2900 December 03, 2005
that made me laugh out loud
curlyhare1: If you are gonna make fun of me, at least get your definition right. Minus one for your stupidity

Atomicblonde: TMMLOL
by curlyhare1 August 26, 2005
Totally Made Me Laugh Out Loud
Fred: curlyhare1 from the weezernation messageboards is hot

John: that tmmlol
by Minus One For Stupidity July 04, 2005
That made me laugh out loud
Todd said something so funny the other day and it made me tmmlol.
by Meowmix28 July 13, 2011

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