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Acronym for The Most Famous Unknown

Originally, one of several pseudonyms used by the reclusive ' Abstract Muralist ' , Gerj Hadde, who coined the catchphrase, " The Eye Cannot be Googled ".


A caste possessing a diverse skill-set, commonly referred to as " the people behind the people ".

Sometimes called ' children of the visage ' , TMFU are surprisingly well-connected: some are of well-heeled bloodlines, others the spawn of industry execs. However, most hail from more common background (admittedly, some with questionable ties) and flourish solely on merit of their talents, while opting to maneuver anonymously.
TMFU are comprised of a wide demographics that spans Europe (primarily, Great Britain though also found throughout France, and the Netherlands), with a heavy concentration stateside, being in the New York and greater Los Angeles area's', respectively.
Di molti angoli un cerchio bes haddeghuccis T.M.F.U.; In suo genere T.M.F.U. suo marte; TMFU can not be stopped; TMFU Gerj Hadde, Nick Lite, Maggie Stone,
by Gerj Hadde November 11, 2012
The Most Fucked Up

In which a contest is held over the course of the night as to who was TMFU that night.
John won TMFU last night due to his being sighted at a sandwich place, talking to a random couple, at 3am... in spanish.
by Joeblowzd July 26, 2008
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