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An acronym for people ballzy enough to speak about themselves in the third-person, while abbreviating. It stands for "This Kid Doesn't Fuck Around." It's akin to Van Halen's famous "WDFA," their acronym for "We Don't Fuck Around."

TKDFA is often used in the sacred game of love--also known as beer pong or beirut--when one makes the last cup or makes the "final cup" to send the game into overtime. TKDFA is appropriate here because it is clear that "this kid" is a badass with ice running through his veins, which is generally a requirement for someone to refer to him/herself in the third-person without looking like a douche bag.
<Kid makes last cup in beer pong/beirut> You know what they say about this kid? TKDFA!
by horse-tastic May 05, 2009
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