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TKCAL is a reference to sellout movie producer Theron K. Cal, who made the movie The Sellout Diaries.
TKCAL is a sellout punk ass little bitch. PAY YOUR DEBTS, FUCKER.
by Reggin, Esq. November 02, 2003

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A "down and out" black racist who finds himself in legal trouble too often, and who has sold out his own family and race for selfish and irresponsible pursuits.
A delinquent deadbeat dad who spends his days hustling other blacks for a couple of bucks to buy a 40 oz. bottle of malt liquor. "TKCAL," as in "a lazy black bum."
by Real Brother's Worst Nightmare January 15, 2004
a poor example of an activist.
real brother
by kbryant November 12, 2003