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1997-current Jeep Wrangler.
There were several TJs on the trail last night.
by Anonymous Coward May 03, 2003
50 73
Slang For a Fat Emu (or emo) Person
Person1: Hey david heard u had a thing for Rhonda
David: No shes another T.J
by Keejo29 February 05, 2007
24 22
Tongue Job... the girls equivalent of a BJ! The other half of a 69.
I told him I would give him a BJ if he gave me a TJ first, but not while I was driving!
by mcgyver007 July 18, 2012
5 5
Too. Juiced. Meaning overly excited
Am TJ for that house party tomorrow
by FrizzyDee May 03, 2011
13 13
A man of value. One who loves graciously and respects with all his heart.
If you've got a TJ in your life, don't let him go.
by Averageguy11 March 04, 2012
13 14
stands for thumb job. drunk girls jackin off your thumb thinkin its a penis.
put your right thumb in the air. TJ's all around!
by ktparsnips May 29, 2010
76 78
Amazing & Unique are just two words that barely come close to how a TJ's personality is.
He is both a lover & a fighter.
Very athletic and attractive person.
He has a heart of gold & knows how to love.
He can make you smile before he even knows you need one & he will change the way you look at life with jsut one of his glances.
Wow, hes bad-ass... he has to be a tj
Yes, im in love... his name is tj
AYO tj pass me that ball!
by cantbuymelove October 09, 2011
27 32
Tit Job - When a penis is place gently betwixt two breasts which are pressed together and slid back and forth perpendicular to the orientation of said breasts.
Dude, she gave me a TJ and I blasted her in the chin!
by TJ the TJ May 03, 2011
4 11