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A phrase, just used in Stockholm, to express Stockholm specific phenomena.
Two guys are standing in a que for 1.5 hours, before getting in the club, which is surprisingly empty.
guy1: dude, why's that shithole so empty?
guy2: man relax!! TIS

They go to the bar, ordering 2 Long Island Icetea.
They cost 50$.
guy1: WTF!?!
guy2: man relax!! TIS

guy1 tries to impress 5 hot blond black panties wearing chicks, which could be world's next topmodel...He's acting like crazy, bringing all of his best dancemoves...No of them even give him a single look. Sweaty and disappointed, he goes to guy2 who just says: I am sorry to tell you bro, TIS -> This is Stockholm

by chrizzzzd December 09, 2008
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