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Short name of Muse's awesome song 'Time Is Running Out'.
"Did you see TIRO live in HAARP? I like Matt's screams!"
by halamadrid September 04, 2008
Tiro means ruler or master. A determined man who is a ruler and owns everyone and everything. In games you may call others a "Tiro" & they might be confused about it. But you know yourself that it means a ruler or master. They may also be a Tiro from how they act. If they act like they're the SHIT. Call them a "Tiro"
Stop being such a fucking TIRO!
You play the game like Tiro.
You owned me TIRO!
by Tiro July 16, 2014
True If Rubbed Out

Added to the end of written insults (most likely graffiti) to say that even if it is removed, then the fact remains that the insult is true. Usually based around truth.
Rusty is Gayyyyyyyy TIRO
by Frankster200 September 10, 2009
Spanish slang for line of cocaine
Hazte un tiro, tío!
Make us a line, mate!
by fonsucu January 20, 2009
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