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A acronym for "There is no Celtic Mafia", this originated on the BBC Scrum V message boards when, in 2006, the original referee for the England vs. Ireland rugby game was replaced due to injury by a Welshman. After the game some English supporters claimed that "The Celtic Mafia" had made sure that all the officiating staff where Celts and so where inherently biased against England. The Irish lads, noting this and knowing that England lost because they where crap, started using the phrase "TINCM" followed by a sunglasses smilie, to signify any so called goings on which benefited Irish rugby.
EugeneWrayburn: With Trinity (or is it UCD) cunningly organising its graduation ceremonies so as to prevent Conte appearing they'll be down a fair bit.

KnockOn: TINCM B)
by F.L.I.P. June 25, 2007

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