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Tite and Icey. Better than Icey, better than Tite. Also a state of mind.
"did you see his chain? shit was TICE!"

"my TICE levels are at an all time high right now"

"the Do-Over's gonna be SEWWW TICEY"
by notwaldo August 24, 2009
A combonation of Tight + Nice...
"Did you see that ass!?"
"Whoa, that shit was TICE!"
by HZRD! October 28, 2003
A small shrimp like creature which lives in a cunt (dirty pussy)
I ate your moms t-ice last night.
by Mike Hunt the GREAT January 30, 2007
1.A gift from God 2.the top peak of someone's well being 3. Another name for a badass Dragon slayer
1. We received this Tice and many other blessings in life 2. I'm so Tice today I could wrestle sharks. 3. Ye better get thy Tice to slay thy majestic fire breathing beast
by Tice Rippy February 15, 2015
A shrimp like creature that lives in cunts (dirty vigina)
I ate your mom's TICE last night
by Mike Hunt the GREAT January 30, 2007
A greasy long haired smelly jewish person that sits in his house all day and plays WoW.
The word tice can also be used to discribe a really gay situation as in getting screwed over.
The word tice is commonly used as an insult.
"Your a TICE!!!"

"What the hell ref? Thats tice."

When a friend takes your girlfriend and fucks her. You can say, "Wow dude i just got ticed."
by ryan tice September 05, 2008
Something you have done that is very dumb
Winning the coin flip in overtime and electing to kick the ball

What a Tice
by Rich925 June 14, 2009
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