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Thank God it's Stephen Colbert.
It's shown in the intro of the Colbert Report and it's a spin off on TGIF.
by Whaaaaaaat February 06, 2012
Anagram which stands for "Thank God It's Stephen Colbert", visible in the opening sequence of Colbert's show, The Colbert Report.
It's 11:30 on a Wednesday, TGISC.
by sixeyes February 28, 2012
Thank god it's Stephen Colbert. Used when talking about the best comedian of these times.
Guy: "I hate life. My girlfriend of 10 years just broke up with me, I lost my lottery money in Vegas, and a I woke up to 6 cats mauling my face. There's no way I could got cheered up."

His only friend left: "Oh the TV's on. Let's turn to Comedy Central."

Guy: TGISC!!!! There is a god, and he's in my TV!!
by The blind man driving. March 21, 2012
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