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Thank God It's a Fuckin Friday
I'm so sick of this work, TGIFF tomorrow.
by holydevil October 10, 2008
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A clever play on the acronym Thank God it's Friday, to reference Rebecca Black's hit (?) song "Friday"
Roomate: TGIFF
Me: What?
Roomate: Thank God "Its Friday Friday gotta get down on Friday!!!"
Me: fuck.
by raaaaaage April 22, 2011
A day where people celebrate the end of the week and the day of the fuhrer. As they scream out T.G.I.F.F. As it stands out to be "Thank god its Fuhrer Friday!" People who celebrate this are usually natzi fanatics and have rally's.
john -man thank god its friday. Lets partyyou gonna come?
keith -I dunno its TGIFF I need to meet with my rally people.
john -TGIFF? what u do rallying?
keith -thank god its fuhrer friday...we go about hating races and planing genocides and most important we salute a big statue of Hitler and sing a song of him.
john -man you are fucked up
keith -ill fuckn kill you cuz its TGIFF
by jdtran August 07, 2006

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