Thank God I'm Fresh
Kid Cudi- "Thank God I'm Fresh"-TGIF
by IRISH cAr BOMB February 13, 2009
Although first popularized as a tribute to the end of the work week, with "F" standing for Friday, this term has since been redefined by the self-proclaimed "Gayest Straight Man in North America" as meaning "Thank God I'm Fabulous!"
He is one of the few people who deserves his own acronym; T.G.I.F. truly captures the vivacious nature of his absolutely fabulous life.
by olli kopek October 03, 2010
Acronym for "Thank goodness its friday night."
I'm feeling like have a party, TGIFN.
by birthdayfan July 20, 2011
Thank God I'm Frat
Look at that impoverished GDI, tgif.
by The Mad Fratter September 30, 2010
TGIF is simply an acronym for a long phrase that has its first initial as T, second as G, third as I, fourth as F...such as Thank god its friday, thank god im female, or TUESDAY SUCKS
TGIF noob, RoFlOlMaO!
by Possibley_nude June 03, 2007
That Girl I Fucked: Recent sexual intercourse situation. Girl could also be substituted with guy.
Dude, TGIF last week was a hoe.
by Mary & Rachael September 17, 2006
Thank God I'm Filipino
When your around a bunch of girls that love filipinos, you say "TGIF"
by etxdujdrudr April 08, 2006

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