Thank God For Anime.
TGFA, I don't know where I'd be with out it.
by Sukisho January 21, 2007
Top Definition
Two Girl Fanny Action. Lesbian love action normally undertaken at the request of a man or for the benefit of a man rather than any inclination of lesbianism
Fatboy tried for months to get smelly feet to do TGFA with her yummy mummy friend, strangely she resisted!
by Fatbouy November 11, 2009
TGFA - Thank God For Alcohol. Used to describe the joy or relief of having alcohol. Usually realized when visiting aunt's and uncles, or at birthday parties with disillusioned and young teenagers.
TGFA at my friend's eleven year old child's birthday party.
by parle-g June 12, 2012
Thank God For Acronyms
i b 2 lay-z 2 typo... TGFA
by knitwitted March 07, 2010
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