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Posting on the teen community Teenage Forums dot com.
"Hey man, whatcha' been doin' lately?"
"I've been TFing dude"
by AdamSmithhh January 12, 2008
The act of currently being Part of Teen Forums.
used to describe Posting, Browsing etc.
guy 1: dude what you up 2
guy 2: nm just TFING
guy 1: TFING WTF
guy 2: Pfft teen foruming Noob
by Shane Rounce January 12, 2008
The art of TITTY FUCKING!!!
The insertion of one's wang into the amazing cleavage of one (or many)amazing women.
Look at the titties on dat bitch!!
She makes me wanna go on a "T-F'ing" spreee!!
by Er!cK October 05, 2005
Titty fucking.
No man, I can't go get ice cream with you, I'm T'Fing your girlfriend.
by Inconspicouslyness November 05, 2010