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Thanks for the reply.

Thanks someone for graciously replying to a question they've posted in web-based forums.

That solved my problem just as you said.
by Grim April 20, 2004
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Stands for "Tit for the ride". This occurs when you are hooking up with a girl and your ride comes. So you decide to get a good farewell by hooking up with her really quick and put your hand(s) on her breast(s) to get some action before you leave.
Kevin: mom is here.

Jenni: Alright Kev, I'll see you tommorow.

Kevin: Lets hookup real quick!

Jenni: Yeah let's do it!

Kevin: (After Making out) Bye Jenni! I have to go now (takes hand of her breast).

Rob (on the phone): Hey Kevin, did u get any action?

Kevin: Yeah we hooked up during the movie and I got tftr when I had to leave.

Rob: Nice. Were they big?

Kevin: Yes very. I only got a quick grab but I could definitely tell they were nice.
by Michael with the cakes August 28, 2011

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