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An acronym for a rousing chant of the Windy City Rollers: 'The Fury' Roller derby team. It is rumored that this chant stands for 'Team Fury, Fuck Yeah!' but is sometimes rendered 'Team Fury, Robot Monkey!' around children under the age of majority.
The Fury are the 2010 Ivy King Cup champions! TFFY!
by csabatini June 07, 2010
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Acronym, stands for: Too Faboulus For You
I'm TFFY and your likes.
by Annzihana July 13, 2015
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Used by promiscuous homosexual men.
T.F.F.Y. = This Fag is For You
I am yout T.F.F.Y.
by HotLosAngelesGuy January 23, 2009
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