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Stands for Totally F*cked But Not Dead Yet.

Acronym used on a hospital patent's chart to indicate discretely the the patients prognosis.
Junior nurse - "What is this Acronym "TFBNDY" written on John Doe's chart?"
Junior nurse - " I have checked in the Medical dictionary and I can't find anything"
Head Nurse - " Ah yes. No you wont find that in a normal medical dictionary"
Head Nurse - " It indicates a patents prognosis"
Head Nurse - " A poor prognosis"
Head Nurse - " It stands for Totally F*cked But Not Dead Yet"
Junior nurse - " Oh I see..."
Junior nurse - *Looks over to 'John Doe*
Junior nurse - "Hmmm that Totally makes sense. *nods*"
Head Nurse - " Don't you have other patients to see to?!"
Junior nurse - *nods*
Junior nurse - *Skips off, humming, to tend to the next patient*

Head Nurse - *shakes head*
by Darcyio February 17, 2014