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Type Faster Bitch
To offer encouragement to type expediently whilst waiting for a response because they can only type with one finger.

You: Where are we going tonight
..( Is typing)..

You: TFB
by Smeird February 08, 2011
it's what you say to whiny little brats who don't get there way
it stands for too fucking bad
kid: waaaah waaah! i'm an annoying little brat!! gimme ice cream!
me: we don't have any ice cream, this is an office supply store.
kid: waah, i really wanted ice cream tho!
me: TFB my man....
by spanky July 10, 2003
Typical F@ggot Behavior
News Reporter: Recent statistics show that nearly 35% of acts of pedophilia reported last year in the United States are committed by homosexuals.
Me: TFB!
by vermartin93 June 20, 2010
too fucking bad, tough shit
i wanna boff david beckham

TFB it'll never happen
by dubs28 January 16, 2008
Too F'n Bad.

It's succinct and anonymous enough to be used in office
correspondence. I used it today in a letter to a lawyer,
because it fit and it was good shorthand too.
The other party in this legal matter is whining because
they entered into an agreement by consent and now they
don't like living with their own terms. TFB.
by PickyWriter June 04, 2007
Simple acronym for: Time for bed
Alright guys, I'm le tired, TFB!

(As you are dozing at the computer) TFB.

After that last episode of Scrubs, you turn to your roommate and say "T. F. B!" with much vigor in your voice.
by WildmanWills November 10, 2006
Typical Female Bullshit; may be associated with PMS.
your buddy: "so then she says, 'when i say nothing's wrong and walk away, you're supposed to follow me and keep asking me what's wrong until i tell you. then you're supposed to make me feel better.'"

you: "TFB, dude. TFB."
by cmoore63 July 11, 2006