Too F'n Bad.

It's succinct and anonymous enough to be used in office
correspondence. I used it today in a letter to a lawyer,
because it fit and it was good shorthand too.
The other party in this legal matter is whining because
they entered into an agreement by consent and now they
don't like living with their own terms. TFB.
by PickyWriter June 04, 2007
Top Definition
TFB: too fucking bad
______reasonable guy:
I think that these people need to stop writing bad definitions for
______honest guy:
TFB, my friend. This proud world is forever graced with an abundance of idiots... it's a good thing we're here.
by Meaning July 11, 2006
Text short hand for "That's F'ing Bulls**t" or "Total F'ing Bulls**t".
Dean: Hey Mattie, how the paper coming along?
Mattie: This paper is TFBS. I can't get 7 pages of non-sense.
by oc tmac May 24, 2010
Tom Fuckin' Brady, quarterback of the Patriots.
1. TFB is a fuckin badass quarterback

2. There is a bastard child in existence who happens to be TFB's son.

3. All the women in the world tend to want to suck TFB's dick.

4. TFB is hotter than you and probably could steal your wife.
by Latinx123 February 17, 2008
Acronym for "too fucking bad." Especially useful with children.
"But I don't want to clean up my room. It's not fair!"

by buster7777 April 08, 2007
Time for beer! One saying from one to another when one wants to drink beer and wants to encourage the other to drink beer.
Two o'clock in the day, one would say, "T F B!" Then the other would say, "T F B, yeah!" Or, Time for beer! One would be walking down the street and yell, "T F B!" then another would yell Time for beer! Yeah! T F B has been used commonly at universities by young adults.
by Neius September 04, 2007
Typical Fucking Bitch

1) a woman snob that has no right to be
2) a woman that displays excessive or extreme passive-aggressive / unacceptable behavior
3) a woman that needs to be stood up straight
4) a woman that deserves to be bent over and slammed
What a total TFB? Did you hear that woman call out?: "I would never go to your beach cottage without the internet". Man, she needs to be stood up straight.
by c-rocks November 05, 2014
Tickety Fuckin' Boo - Similar to tickety-boo but with more emphasis.
We proper fucked the system, but me mate John fixed 'er up. It's all TFB (tickey fuckin' boo) now.
by yourmomisnice February 23, 2012

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