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A female infiltrator of a Men's Rights website, who pretends she is a supporter of Men's Rights issues and refuses to cut the crap when cornered.
We're getting tired of her friggin' TERA-rist tactics on this website!

That post was absolutely TERA-bull! Delete it!

Awww, TERA's playing cyber-slut again!
by L.B. Simon June 28, 2009
35 63
Drop dead gorgeous and unfathomably funny. Not only book smart, but street smart. Has a love for food, but you'd never know it looking at her incredible body. Used to describe the most amazing person you know or will ever meet. Legendary.
Wow, you are so Tera.
by oliveoil50 February 03, 2010
247 112
An extremely sexy college chick that I like to spend time with and who always makes me smile (in more ways than one). Is in love with Jack Johnson and the body of Gerard Butler. Despite being cold all the time, she is not evil like most cold-blooded girls. She is a prominant soldier in the war against man-bear-pig. She loves to buy to me chipotle and cheesecake, and in the words of Borat: We like to make the sexy time.
Im going to Tera's house to eat chipotle and watch 300 and who knows what else ;)
by SAK_ATAK November 06, 2008
92 71
Overall: Funny, Witty, Smart, artist, loves music, hates to lose friends, does not trust easily, shy.. but watch out when angry... always gets over it quickly. nice, caring people who make friends easily, is beautiful and outgoing!

So many meanings...

Tera: a chadic language spoken in north eastern nigeria.
A village (Tera, Paphos) in Cyprus.

Tera Rifle: Japanese special rifles developed for papatroopers.

Earth, or Earth Mother: a primeval Roman goddess, also known as Tellus

Terra: a role-playing game
Battle for Terra: 2007 animated film by Aristomenius Tsirbas.
Holy Terra is the name of Earth in the Warhammer 40,000 universe.
by hotbooty February 05, 2010
60 40
Much larger than Mega, Tera is 2 to the 40th power. A one terabyte hard drive would be hold a considerable amount of data.
Since getting his two Megabyte ADSL connection Spanky downloaded so much porn of the 'net that he needed to find a one terabyte hard drive to store it all on.

If games machines are Mega then PC's are Tera.
by Blue Cawdrey November 28, 2004
31 47
A state of fear caused by terrists.
we are determined to win the war on tera
by bkdouble September 29, 2006
34 59
a sometimes bitchy sister that is buff and short and trendy
complains about too much leg muscle AND her clothes don't match
by Kelsey February 27, 2003
41 66
A multi-purpose word invented by people in So-Cal to repay Nor-Cal for Hella. Normal used by Geek and Nerds. This term is originally derieved from its use in describing a specific massive quantity.Tera is 2 to the power of 40. It is a term used to measure size, it is larger than Mega and Giga.

Adjective: To describe a lot of something good or bad in conjustion with the noun.

Noun: A lot of quantity.

Adverb: Suplemental, inferring a veyr large quantity.
Adjective: That chick has teratitties.

Noun: I have a tera.

Adverb: The is fuckin tera better than that hella word.
by Bryan05 September 29, 2005
9 36