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2 definitions by SAK_ATAK

An extremely sexy college chick that I like to spend time with and who always makes me smile (in more ways than one). Is in love with Jack Johnson and the body of Gerard Butler. Despite being cold all the time, she is not evil like most cold-blooded girls. She is a prominant soldier in the war against man-bear-pig. She loves to buy to me chipotle and cheesecake, and in the words of Borat: We like to make the sexy time.
Im going to Tera's house to eat chipotle and watch 300 and who knows what else ;)
by SAK_ATAK November 06, 2008
94 71
the best, awesomest, coolest, and most popular public dota league in north america. it was created by the one and only, the great and glorious, the mushroom loving, the jeesus incarnate, holy hbjlee17, and it has grown into a fantastic dota community.
-dude dotapub sucks ass its so laggy, lets go play on dotacash

-dotacash is so much better than throneit. thr is dead and everyone just rages its lamesauce.
by SAK_ATAK February 03, 2011
30 29