Abbreviation for "Toodaloo", a saying for goodbye
I've got to go, byeee :)

Okay cool, TDL :)
by wintoellen January 23, 2011
Top Definition
an acronym for "To Do List"
Boy: I need to get an oil change this week.
Girl: Ok, I'll add that to our TDL.
by Jenna K October 22, 2007
Too Damn Lazy
People are tdl these days that they won't get up and go visit someone ...
by nikisha2 February 23, 2009
Torrent Download abbreviated as TDL
Person 1: How did you get that movie?
Person 2: I found a tdl yesterday while searching for it! Pretty cool, huh?
Person 1: Yea!
by G56Ace March 17, 2009
Since LOL (laugh out loud) is so played out, I made up a new term that's going to catch on soon called TDL called (totally dying laughing). This phrase can be used in texts or face-to-face.
I was watching MadTv and I was literally TDL-ing!
by PrincessR November 28, 2009
Tender Dick Love
This girl needs some TDL.
by B_Paddy32 June 26, 2016
Thank da lord. Or thank the lord Use when something good happens
-Did you hear? That bitch left the school and moved!
- really?! tdl
by fukyobitch March 23, 2016
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