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Top Dawg Entertainment also known as the home for the best modern group; Black Hippy. Consisting of Artists/Rappers Kendrick Lamar, Ab-Soul, ScHoolboy Q, and Jay Rock
Black Hippy is bringing back Hip-Hop. TDE for life
by ThAreAlKendrickLAmAr April 25, 2013
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TDE - Then die early (pronounced teedee). Used to counter annoying people that use 'YOLO' in every sentence
Man #1: You should totally smoke it! YOLO!

Man #2: If you only live once, TDE!
by Seren1ty August 27, 2012
an acronym for Team Diabetes Elite!!! A team of inteligent fellows. Leader is Rob Hinrichs. Origionated at Vermilion Community College Ely, MN.

Not to be confused with tde ("The Dick Eater").

Slogan is as follows..."If we aint dippin', we're fuckin'. Hearttakers, heartbreakers."


T.D.E. should be led by a true diabetic.
by cnhntr14 December 15, 2009
(n.) a wanker; one who enjoys the taste of dick {"The Dick Eater" as it were}

(v.) to make an idiot of oneself; proving one's stupidity on a grandiose level

(adj.) posessing/reeking of extreme levels of fagitosity
1. "Last night, some TDE in a bar walked up to me and offered a 20£ knob polishing."

2. "Those slashdot losers really seem to enjoy TDEing all day long."

3. "Ben Affleck and Matt Damon have been ranked among the top 10 most TDE celebrities of 2002."
by Forte December 12, 2003

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