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Test-driven development - an offshoot of extreme programming that requires a test harness that demonstrates whether code works as expected as soon as it is written.
Our department has adopted TDD. Maybe next we'll go all the way with extreme programming.
by zenzic August 25, 2010
Time Displacement Device
TDD or Time Displacement Device is a device that displaces/distorts time around an object or individual would most likely appear in the form of a pocket watch, or grandfather clock
by Skyker Moonlitnight June 02, 2015
Acronym for "true dat dawg."
Variations include tdmf (true dat mother fucker) and tdn (true dat nigga). Usually used when instant messaging.
GhettoGurl12: this movie is shit
CrunkJoose: tdd
by SexyBoy134 July 18, 2006
Transcendental Deficit Disorder:

A disease affecting over 90% of the world population, who couldn't get beyond fractions.
Person with TDD: What's pi, is it apple? Can I have some?
by someone took my name =| April 25, 2006
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