Terminal Dumb Bitch Syndrome; this is DBS in the most advance case where it is impossible to get rid of the condition.
That girl will go nowhere in life, she has TDBS.
by Bbiillll March 14, 2007
Top Definition
Too damn bad! (Or more mildly, too darn bad!)
Lost your movie ticket? TDB! (You're not getting in unless you buy another.)
by goldenapple October 15, 2007
Top Durham Banter.
Used to mock students who go to Durham Univeristy and never stop talking about it and all the banter which goes on.
Whenever they speak, reply TDB or Top Durham Banter
"At Durham i dressed up as a girl, it was so funny..."
"Top Durham Banter!" or "TDB"
by TopDurhamBanter January 02, 2012
Los Angeles based graffiti crew. "The Dirty Boys" known for their diverse and elaborate pieces. Their work can be seen on trains, billboards, trucks. Members include: Keoh, bacon, even, strik9, Lowe, Fuer, Kera, sorek, polar, sayer
Did you see that sick piece tdb put up.
by Street artist April 22, 2013
too damn bad
oh shit my cell phone just died!


my life sucks :(

by troutkiller3936 February 16, 2010
Third Degree Burn
Damn, that boy is a TDB!!!
by skt2342345 December 07, 2010
Tap Dat Booty
(to have sex with someone)
Wow, she's hot. I want to TDB.
by SpiffySweetheart December 26, 2010
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