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Overpriced piece of metal with a beer company's lgo on it. Usually collected by annoying people over the age of 40. Beer trays are widly collected by faggy antiquers all over the country.
Why is your dad collecting beer trays?

I don't know, maybe because he's an old man with nothing better to do in his life.
by troutkiller3936 January 02, 2010
too damn bad
oh shit my cell phone just died!


my life sucks :(

by troutkiller3936 February 16, 2010
term thought up by a wried little girl. it is a word that is ment to an insult, however has no reaal meaning. This is just two words that appart have meaning. when you put the words nerd and driver next to eachother you have a word that means nothing.
Hey, you're a nerd driver!

WTF does that mean

It doesn't have a meaning
by troutkiller3936 February 16, 2010
Game played mostly by old house wifes who have nothing better to do with their life. Also played by those who can't cook in real life. The game invloves cooking fake food and being back on the computer at a set time to be sure the food doesn't spoil. It is the most pointless game on the internet.
Laura, you've been playing cafe world for 6 hours. GET THE FUCK OFF THE COMPUTER!

But my food goes off in 55 minuets.
by troutkiller3936 January 09, 2010

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