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Acronym for the phrase, "Totally Called That Shit."

Used when an event plays out in the manner predicted by a third party, particularly when the prediction was contrary to conventional wisdom regarding the likely course of events.
"I can't believe Al Jazeera started a Serbo-Croatian channel."
"TCTS, dude."
"You really did. Wow."
by Carolinianjeff December 05, 2011
Comes from an area of New York called Pine Bush. It stands for
-Tractor Riders
Yo that nigga tried to fuck wit T.C.T.
but that nigga got a cap busted in his ass.
by D-rock June 03, 2004
TCT "Child Porn Poster on many torrent sites"
TCT can be found under many different names. Look on torrent sites that host child porn and TCT will be their serving gigs.
by Law_Man1 July 16, 2008
Turtle Crush Tuesday! = pet love
Twins Crush Tuesday! = A mate who is in love with a pair of twins.
"Falling over a pair of TCT"
by Muzzalove December 11, 2013
The notorious gang that originated in Pine Bush High School in Pine Bush, New York. One of the most influential gangs of the region. T.C.T is known for being filled with many of the natives of the Pine Bush area, being mostly white people. T.C.T is an acronym for

T.C.T will roll on yo bitch asses...

...literally, considering they drive John Deere tractors

by Ginny_T69 June 04, 2004
Tri City Thugs from the 519 area in Canada, B^z Up Soljers
Yo I Seen that TCT handshake, nigga you wanna go?
by YunG Magick May 12, 2007
A fake ass pussy white boy gang from Montgomery NY.Montgomery is the whitest town ever.
What is TCT going to do J walk and litter nigga please they fake.
by NJ 201 December 22, 2004
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