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acronym standing for Top Conservatives On Twitter also used as hashtag #tcot.
#tcot followed by some kind of conservative news report.
by LaCuquita March 31, 2011
Acronym hashtag used on twitter that stands for Top Conservative On Twitter. This acronym was decided upon to use one less character since 'BIGOT' is 5 characters long.
<Insert minority group here> is a bunch of lazy, sinful, people that will all go to hell. #tcot
by deppy April 29, 2013
Acronym for "TAKE CARE OF THAT SHIT". Mostly referring to getting an abortion but can refer to other things such as cleaning or doing a task.
Ew, she's pregnant? She better TCOTS or I will never speak to her again.
by Not a real person February 15, 2012
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