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An acronym of Taking Care of Buisness.
- What are you doing?
- I'm TCOB.
by SeinfeldKramer September 10, 2007
Taking Care Of Business. As used by the character Mac in the television show "It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia."
Harry: Yo chief! What are you up to now?
Chief: T.C.O.B.
Harry: Shit yeah. You be bustin' heads?
by Good_Old_Jerry May 26, 2010
Taking Care of Business; To "take care of" a situation and thus make it no longer an issue.
Particularly can be a reference to ending a relationship with, interest in, or issue with a person.
"I went over and threw my drink on him. I'm pretty sure that TCOBed it."
"I totally TCOBed myself by tripping when I went to introduce myself to that hottie!"
by Mershon July 18, 2008
An acronym to be used when you are talking about dominating or attempting to dominate sluts. Taking Care of Buisness

Can also be used as TCOB'n
1. Wow look at those sluts over there.

Yea man let's go TCOB them

2. Let's go TCOB those party girls
by GQGUY November 08, 2006
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