Abbreviation for "Trade Cards By Mail". Often used by Pokemon TCG Youtubers who trade cards to other players or Pokemon Youtubers in other cities/states/countries. Both parties send their cards, protected, in an envelope to each other and then post youtube videos about their successful TCBMs.
This is a video going over my current TCBMs with user007, user008, and user009.

I got some cool cards I needed for my deck in this TCBM with user007.
by JadeEspeon July 17, 2012
Top Definition
That Could Be Misinterpreted

Similar to that's what she said, this phrase is more proper and a more general tool useful in turning any normal phrase into a sexual innuendo.
Person 1: "I like your box."
Person 2: "TCBM"

Person 1: "It's raining! I'm gonna get wet."
Person 2: "TCBM"
by Lambdasigma May 16, 2010

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