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Abbreviation for "turn-based tactical games", originally misfiled under the "strategy RPG" SRPG genre.

As gaming matured, the differentiation between different game types became much more apparent, beyond the simpler categories of origin. TBTGs like 'Valkyria Chronicles', 'Disgaea', or 'Final Fantasy Tactics' are quite different from games such as 'DOTA2' or 'League Of Legends', and RPGs can vary as differently as story-driven experiences like the 'Final Fantasy' series and the actual role-dependent games such as 'Mass Effect' or 'Dragon Age'.
You know what I love about TBTGs? Turn-based, turn-based. Want a sandwich? Make it between turns. Grab a beer? Between turns. Study break? Save between turns, resume anytime.
by LOLsmart January 20, 2013

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An abbreviation for the phrase "thanks be to god"
often used for things such as facebook status
mary: "today, I got asked out by this really hot guy, TBTG!"


john: "I fucked this ugly chick the other day, but I was too drunk to realize it, TBTG"
by ajm117 August 06, 2009