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The act of releasing your day's/week's/life's frustrations through vigerously fucking a woman. Sometimes done to punish or to teach her a lesson.
When Tom heard about Sally's disrespecting him, he bent her over and angry banged her.
by wkerilla October 16, 2003
Pay the Fuck Attention
Person 1: I'm sorry...what where you asking.
Person 2: Yo! PTFA!!
by wkerilla October 16, 2003
"Thongs, Bongs, Foot-Long Shlongs"

This acronym identifies the main relaxation components that a group of highly stressed, college or post-college girls seek when going on a group vacation to a tropical area.
The girls are leaving for Spring break to Cancun. It will be TBS all week.
by wkerilla April 01, 2004

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