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A short way to write "Tabarnak", a swearing word from Quebec.
Ah, tbk! Ça fait chier!
by Skarr May 15, 2007
Australian based Graffiti crew - Founded in the early 90's consisting of a large number of talented graffiti writers. Since then TBK has grown largly in numbers and is affiliated with numerous other respected Australian Graff crews IE: TDP, TNS, KWT, HR, NBS.
TBK currantly have a DVD out called "Subway Soldiers".
by Hiphopculture August 20, 2006
When someone feels hard done by, a reply of TBK or Tough Break Kid is sure to follow.
Girl: I have to work this weekend :(
Guy: #TBK

Tough Break Kid bad luck unfortunate
by j_l_p January 18, 2013
New Mexico- Pheonix based bombing crew. They have caused millions of dollars worth of property damage with their graff. Most known members of the crew: Detok, Reks,Syne....
Oh crap, my house has a gigantic titay on it.
Those TBK kids must have done it.
by Detok October 06, 2011
Acronym for 'The Black Keys', a Garage rock, blues rock, alternative rock, indie rock band.
"Lonely Boy is a great song by TBK!"
by BBgamerUK June 04, 2012
Taco Burrito King!!!
Open 24 Hours. Mostly drunk customers after 12am.
Dude, thank god for TBK--let's go max out at 3am with the 30 other customers there. Maybe we'll start a usual drunk fight.
by swanDZ July 08, 2009
"To Be Known"

This term is commonly used in a name a person wants to be known as one day in the far unrealistic future.

People that use this term are usually non-academic individuals focused on music or any other type of artistic talent.
My name is "full name" TBK RAGETHESICKMAN
by DAVE REX 69 May 17, 2009