Top Definition
a tasshole
that guy is a total tassy. he looks like a tasshole
by jasshole November 21, 2010
Tassy is, basically, love.
"Oh look there's Tassy, tweeting hearts to each other."
"They're so in love!"
by tassy shipper number wah December 15, 2012
To drink milk and pet cats at the same time, basically living a sinful life.
Ryan: Dude, drink your milk first, then you can pet Bo Jangles
Corey: Or else you'll pull a tassy
by Vincent Bondage August 19, 2006
a very pretty girl, although she is very blonde!
what on earth is that girl going on about?

shes doing a tassy, dont worry about it!
by Bianca B January 02, 2006
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