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A person who bounches between tanning salons using the new member advantages and leaves when it runs out. Then runs to the next salon to do the same to eventually move from town to town.

See below also for "cheap tansient"
Going to one salon for a "for new members only" sales, using the discounts until there are no more "tans" left. Then looking through coupons (online or otherwise) for the next salon with "new member" discounts.

You can then be a cheap tansient by comparing the best new member deals and therefore choosing which salon to target first. Then when those deals have run their course you do the same. It's a vicious cycle of developing relationships with tanning salon receptionists, losing them within a blink of an eye and then acting completely naive to the next salon employee to achieve the best deal possible by not knowing "how to tan" "what works best" or by using the "I tan all the time, the last place was horrible! What works best, free samples?". Let the person behind the counter think that you truly believe in what they'll try and sell you and before you know it, free samples, free tans and before they know it, you're a tansient and you've disappeared. Congratulations.
by Bremily April 21, 2011
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