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A U.S. Navy Sailor (most likely a Brown Shoe) that has, somehow, managed to spend most of, if not their entire, military career at Tinker Air Force Base stationed at TACAMO (STRATCOMMWINGONE or one of it's squadrons). Most TACAMITES don't understand common Naval lingo, such as "haze gray and underway", "Reveille, Reveille" or "sea and anchor detail". Life as a TACAMITE is not perfect though. Occassionally, some are required to do a "tumultuous" Det to isolated locations such as Travis Air Force Base, where they are forced to stay at the BEQ and accept increased amounts of pay.
One example of a TACAMITE might be Senior Chief Cummings (definition also on urbandictionary.com).
by Black Shoe December 10, 2010
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