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TABU is an British Army acronym and stands for Typical Army Balls Up and is used to describe the things that shouldn't go wrong but do. Is used in a similar context to the US Army SNAFU.
During the Korean War, American REMFs in charge of logistics and supply were told to supply American troops before their allies. What was meant of course was to ensure that American troops had ammunition and essentials before supplying these to their allies. This was misunderstood and as a result, American troops were being supplied with Coca Cola before British troops were getting ammunition.

When informed of the situation the Colonel of one British regiment supposedly grimaced and muttered TABU before ensuring that the situation was corrected. Though whether by TABU he meant the error in the supply priorities or the Americans being in charge of supply is open to conjecture.
by Croatalin November 18, 2013
A gang deriving from New Bedford, MA. They have never lost ever. They have well over 2000 members and growing rapidly. Beware.
Blood 1: Wow, TaBu has never, ever lost.. Ever.

Blood 2: Yeah i know, i'm so scared of them (shits pants)
by J Freshaa February 11, 2009

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