The relationship between two words which have exactly the same keystroke series when texting while using a predictive text program.

They are distinctly different from words which interchange simply due to a typo and auto incorrect.
Girl in text: Good night! Love you!
Guy in text back: Hoof night! Knud you tom!
Girl in text: Oh T9onyms! Like a secret code! You're so funny!

Mom in text: When will you be good?
Son in text: What? ...Always?
Mom in text: Don't tall back! Bond gone nox!
Son in text: I think you are having a T9onym attack...
by KRA2008 June 23, 2011
Top Definition
A word that can be produced by the same keystrokes as another word while using the T9 text entry method in a cell phone.
Some T9onyms like eat and fat can be funny, but usually they are annoying and confusing while texting.
by Ichserbe March 04, 2009

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