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A lame game dropped from it's frame in the fall of fame (DAMN)
I mean it's a mmorg that is filled with newbies with modem (causes server to collaps) also filled with ass holes (LIKE ME) Lotsa Magic and sword slashing
Im only 12 and i play T4c
by J@f October 03, 2003
A game filled wit crap...that all it does is suck you in till you see that ur just a little puppet in this role. This game is adictive, but crule. MOst play for power but some do play just for the hell of it. It's pointless hving more then one of those getto servers..Pay to play or ur stuck in the chars realms..( like chaos ) :/ This gaem is just a pathetic game for people who dont know what to do wit there lives!
by Susie Q. October 14, 2003

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