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Originally an acronym used by medical staff and stands for Totally Fucked But Unfortunately Not Dead Yet. It is used to describe patients who are quite literally dying or in a Persitant Vegetative State PSV or patients who although they may have a serious medical condition are a total pain in the ass. Believed to have started in America, the use of this acronym has become widespread.
That greedy fuckwit Malcolm's eaten something bad! He got taken to hospital in an ambulance, throwing up all over the place, now he's in a coma!
by Croatalin December 12, 2013
Totally fucked but unfortunately not dead yet

A variant on FUBARBUNDY (fucked up beyond all recognition but unfortunately not dead yet). Used to describe people who are going to die but, so far, haven't.
The patient with a stroke, heart attack and pneumonia was T.F.BUNDY
by Dr J January 08, 2006
Acronym/ Initialism
"Totally Fucked But Unfortunately Not Dead Yet"
Medical term.
"Oh. Shit."
by LOLOLHIYARRRR April 16, 2006
Used in hospitals to define the state of someone who is not going to make it: "Totally Fucked, But Not Dead Yet!"
See that guy over there with the cracked pelvis and failed liver? He's T.F.Bundy...
by Dan Cross December 17, 2003
Medical term. Stands for Totally Fucked, But Unfortunatly Not Dead Yet. A BBC news item highlighted the use of such terms in the NHS in Britain.
"Whats happening with the RTA in Bed 6?"
"Really? damn, I was hoping she'd flake out so I could go for a fag"
by logiwardofthestate July 05, 2007
Totally Fucked But Unfortunately Not Dead Yet
My Neighbour is T.F.B.U.N.D.Y (she has senile dementia)

Bin Laden

My psychotic ex-boyfriend
by ANNIE CARTER June 06, 2007
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