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Top Six worst foods:

6: Pizza: It is actually cardboard with ketchup and plastic cheese. How they screw, I don't know.

5: Pasta Salad: If I vomited and put it on my plate, it would look more appetizing then what they cook.

4: Sloppy Joes: No need to explain

3: Hot Dogs: Recently featured on Fear Factor, they have since brought it to the AU cafe. they never cook new ones, they just reheat them day-after-day-after-day. They look fossilized and half petrified. The chef told me himself he recooked a hotdog since 1984.

2:Cereal: How they manage to fuck this up is beyond me.

1: Exotic rices: They're attempt to cook Spanish rice is a disgrace to the Latino community and has insulted recent ambassadors from Chile and Panama. They have since declared TDR the worst place to eat, on Earth. It not only tastes like plastic but it looks like crap. Don't eat unless you have a death wish.

-1: Chicken a.k.a. chainsaw chicken a.k.a what the fuck is that?: It is as hard as a jawbreaker and your jaw will get tired from chewing the first piece. It is an absolute last resort when you are starving because sometimes the salad is old and moldy.
AU student: "Hey look. Its the chicken I saw last

Wednesday in . Why is it still being served?"

AU student 2: "Because, Tommy, the chefs here lack cooking skills and serve the same food everyday."

T.D.R. (worst foods)
by SweatyD.C.ballsack July 23, 2010

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