an extremely extra extra extra extra long t shirt worn by white boys who are confused about their race.
Hey Joe, that mother fuckers t skirt is bigger than me!

Did you see that wigs t skirt, it was longer than he is tall.
#extra #long #t shirt #skirt #large
by urban eddie November 03, 2008
Top Definition
(n) a really long T-shirt that extends below the waistline to just above the knees
T-skirts are fast becoming a stylin' way for young males to cover up their underwear without actually having to pull their pants up above their asses.
by BeardedFatass January 08, 2004
That big ass 6X+ t-shirt that niggaz always wear and it's just long enuff to go below the calf and damn near big enuff to use as matress cover.
When you get that hunny over on that unexpected extended stay and she comes out the shower and says she didn't bring any nite clothes, just hand her that 10X t-skirt which on her will look like choir robe.
#white tee #blank hockey jersey #paul bunion's t #fart sack #scion xb cover
by MUN-E 1 December 19, 2007
a skirt fabricated by making alterations to a t-shirt
You: Oh man, that t-shirt is so haggard.
Me: Well, it would look hammer as a t-skirt.
#tskirt #t-skirt #skirt #women's wear #sewing
by Moosehead79 February 21, 2008
a shirt usually worn by the 'urban' type that goes down to, or past the knee region. this shirt may look more like a skirt- hence the name.
Im not sure if was he was wearing a shirt or a dress, perhaps it was a t-skirt
#tall tee #long tee #gangsta shirt #shirt #nigga wear
by *T3NCE! July 10, 2008
term derived from the XL t-shirts worn by females wearing short shorts that gives the illusion of them not having pants on.
"hot damn is that girl not wearing pants?!?"

"calm your tits bro, it's just a t-skirt"
#t-shirt #fake out #booty #shorts #skirt
by burgundy14 August 21, 2014
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