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A 't-shirt trainer' is a male who goes to the gym only for the purpose of working their upper body, in the mistaken belief that getting bigger pecs and biceps will improve his success with the ladies.

T-shirt training has the effect of giving the male a defined upper body, but leaving him with skinny ass chicken legs. T-shirt trainers like to refer to themselves as bodybuilders, but you will only ever see them on the bench press, bicep curl or shoulder fly machines, ie. they are not bodybuilders, but vain posers.

The term was originally coined by Tempa T (of the Slew Dem Crew).

What t-shirt trainers fail to realise hoewver is that no

chcikn legs
Guy1: lolz look at those t-shirt trainers over there. desperately tryina get buff before summer.

Guy2: Don't they realise now matter how big their pecs are, it won't make up for their lack of social skills.
by Zweihander47 November 09, 2011
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