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A word that describes some one who is half tool and half plug. -will try to do things for you but remember they are also a plug so they either not know how or not be able to.

-Plug: someone who is completely and entirely useless.

-tool: someone who is useless but can be used or mooched off of and will do what someone else tells them to.

How To Say The Word: pronounce the "T" and say lug after it; two sylables.
Eg. "Wow dude, that guy was a t-lug.

"ugh I know he gave me money though but it was only like 5 cents."
by Nick-Dictionary March 12, 2009
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A half tool half Plug....
(1) this guyz a fucken Tlug.....
tell me about it!.....

(2) Yo Why does this guy Like Fupa..??
I dont know,cause he's a fucken Tlug!

(3)Yo why u Gotta be a Tlug...???
by Choppa City.. March 22, 2008

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