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(used only in games where t-bagging can be used while shooting, e.g. Call of Duty 4)

A T-bag shot is a shot performed while in the process of t-bagging that results into a kill. This means that when standing and produce a kill shot is not a t-bag shot. Also, when in a crouched position and producing a kill shot is also not a t-bag shot. However, when standing and then crouching or vice versa, while in the process of either and then producing a kill shot, this is a T-bag shot.

T-bag shots are separated into two categories: a legit T-bag shot and a noob T-bag shot

A legit T-bag shot is basically a real pro looking shot such as when u can't see the enemy while standing or crouching but only in between. Then while in the process of going to crouch, you shoot and kill. This is a legit T-bag shot.

A noob T-bag shot is a shot is basically a "lucky" shot. When in close encounters, one accidentally presses the crouch/standing button and then shoots and kills, is a noob T-bag shot.
"In Call of Duty 4"

P1: Damn son, I can't see that guy when standing.
P2: He's in that bus, try crouchin
P1: Nope man can't see him, though i could when I was in the process of crouchin
P2: Damn dude just memorize where he is and T-bag shot him man
P1: Alright dawg, I'll try, but im "tom kerboul", i suck at life
P2: Well then ur gonna get shot otherwise or get pwned
by Kitzua12 October 01, 2009
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